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by Jean Abernethy – Creator of Fergus The Horse

“This translated version of Reflections on Equestrian Art, could pivot around one adjective: “Eloquence”.

Any student of classical art interested in refining skills in painting, would be well-served by studying the works and methods of the Old Masters. As it is with riding, the true essence of the art, refined to mastery generations ago, is virtually unchanged.

Chapter by chapter, through this 3-disc set, the essence of dressage, indeed the true nature of kind, gentle horsemanship, is defined. The intricacy of language parallels intricacy of the equestrian mastery it describes. Such attention to craft is refreshing in a world whirling with social media short forms, and crumbling literacy.

Listening to Sarah Morsey’s elegant voice draws the listener back to quiet attention; “mindfulness,” if you will. This, I think, is the key importance of this recording, for this state of “mindfulness” is where our horses live their lives. It is also the realm we need to bring ourselves to next time we saddle up.

Reflections on Equestrian Art is eloquent, inspirational and timeless; a good tool for the rider who strives to improve.

— Jean Abernethy, Equestrian artist/illustrator, Creator of Fergus The Horse