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Review: Intricacy of language parallels intricacy of the equestrian mastery

Jean Abernethy, Creator of Fergus The Horse, remarks that “This translated version of Reflections on Equestrian Art, could pivot around one adjective: ‘Eloquence’. Any student of classical art interested in refining skills in painting, would be well-served by studying the works and methods of the Old Masters. As it is with riding, the true essence of the art, refined to mastery generations ago, is virtually unchanged.” more

Review: Reflections on Equestrian Art

Anna Blake reviewed our Audio Books for Horse Junkies United. She notes “Maestro Nuno Oliveira spent his life in the study of classical dressage, which he defines as a conversation with a horse on a higher level, one of courtesy and finesse. The teaching is not new, but the format–an audiobook–is new. Technology has brought the opportunity to have the Maestro in your ear. The reader’s voice is calm and meditative, reading with clarity, making the text very understandable.” more